Accounts receivable payment gateways

Accounts receivable payment gateways - Image 1Anyone who runs a business that specializes in recovering accounts receivables and general debt collection knows that it’s not always easy to find a suitable payment gateway. This makes it difficult for your company to process payments in an efficient manner, and that can significantly affect your bottom line. has a great deal of experience working with so-called ‘high risk’ companies – like those who recover receivables. We will set up a payment gateway to help you manage and accept credit card payments – without high processing fees.

Our team is waiting to hear from you. We will help you find and implement the perfect platform and payment gateway software for your accounts receivable or collections business.

Even if you have limited experience using your shopping cart or site-building software, we can quickly recommend a payment solution based on your preferences. We’ll assist in implementing a gateway that makes it simple to accept credit card payments. Get in touch with us here, and we’ll help you find the perfect payment gateway for your company.

Why high-risk merchant services are critical for accounts receivable businesses

If your company’s primary activity involves recovering receivables, then you will probably be classed as a high-risk business. This is because companies such as medical debt firms, law debt businesses, and B2C accounts receivable agencies are inherently more likely to encounter cardholder disputes and chargebacks.

The majority of payment gateways will be either unwilling or unable to offer you their services. Even if you were to find an acceptable merchant account provider, you might encounter prohibitive processing fees and service levels that leave much to be desired.

There are many high-risk business types, like accounts receivable companies, that have been able to prosper thanks to specialized payment processing. We are here to ensure that you gain access to merchant services that offer a secure and efficient way to receive credit card payments. This means that your company won’t have to worry about processing payments and can instead get on with the business of recovering your client’s receivables.

Summarizing our accounts receivable payment gateways information - image 2Find the right gateway for your accounts receivable agency

We have experience helping collections businesses find a suitable payment gateway. This means that you will be able to implement secure and simple payment software, and you’ll also enjoy receiving payments that aren’t accompanied by overly costly processing fees.

In addition to this, we have an excellent track record of supplying accounts receivable collections companies with high-level support. We will help you with a gateway that can efficiently deal with issues like high chargeback rates that commonly affect high-risk businesses.

Get in touch, and we will make it easy to process payments from your site.

Site builders & software for debt collectors

Not only are many payment gateways unwilling to deal with high-risk companies, but some site builders might also be reluctant to work with your brand. It’s relatively common for site builders and other software to include some terms and conditions that prohibit certain business types. Unfortunately, we find that accounts receivable agencies are sometimes among those businesses.

This is why we have created a short list of some highly recommended platforms and software. Even if you have never used platforms like Weebly, Wix, Lariat, or WordPress before, we will be on hand to guide you through the process of setting up your gateway and merchant account.

We will reveal just how simple it is to add essential features like a mobile-friendly shopping cart to your website. This means that you will be set up to take your client’s debtor’s credit cards as payment 24/7. In addition to this, we provide a tailored solution that enables your company to accept payments over the phone.

Start accepting credit cards for accounts receivable

Just because you are operating a high-risk company doesn’t mean that you can’t access a robust and cost-effective payment gateway.

Along with offering our curated selection of quality payment gateways, we will also help you choose and implement the software necessary for allowing users to make reliable payments. This means that you can enjoy all of the benefits of online payments that are offered to low-risk businesses.

So be sure to contact us here, and we will get you started. You’ve probably already done the hard work in establishing your accounts receivable company. Why not use our expertise to help you find a simple way to accept credit cards?