Compatible platforms and software for collections and bankruptcy attorneys

At, we’ve dedicated ourselves to assisting debt collection companies and bankruptcy attorneys with effective, simple-to-manage credit and debit card processing. Whether you’re a large debt collection company or a home-based collections agency, we’re here to make processing credit card debt payments simple and efficient. In our mission to help make it easier to receive payments or collect on debts, we also wish to help you get an overview of platforms and software that work for lawyers and debt collectors.

With our years of experience recommending and assisting with payment gateway processing, we know we’ll be able to help you find the ideal credit card processing solution. Even if you don’t currently have a shopping cart on your site, we’ll be able to assist. We can also recommend platforms and site builders that will make it simple for debtors to submit payments 24/7 via your website and virtual terminal.

When it comes to taking payments and collecting on debts, it’s very important to be diligent in finding both a shopping cart and payment solution that supports this type of payment. It’s also crucial to use a suitable platform or site builder. Unfortunately, of the many platforms and software available, few allow debt collectors or bankruptcy lawyers to use their services.

However, with the right platform and payment gateway setup, the entire process of taking credit card payments will become smoother, more intuitive, and easier for both you and the debtor.

platforms and software - save hours of due diligenceWhy debt collectors find it hard to access platforms and credit card processing

As we touched upon, it’s no easy task finding suitable credit card processing software or website platforms and site builders. The reason for this challenge is that debt collection is considered a high-risk business. As a consequence, fewer merchant service providers are able or willing to offer you their services. Similarly, platforms and site-builders often have strict terms and conditions and a list of prohibited businesses, which often apply to debt collection agencies.

Having said that, there are payment gateways, shopping carts, and other processing software that will work for your business. Luckily, the same can be said of platforms and site builders.

There may not be the same wealth of choice for debt collectors as there is for other businesses, but there are still great alternatives available.

You don’t have to dig through the terms and conditions of every single platform and shopping cart alone. We’re here to help, and we can guide you toward the solutions that we know will work. This will save you hours of due diligence. Not only that, but with our decades of experience in the online credit card processing industry, we know what works and what can prove troublesome and offer you the support you need. You can always contact us here for recommendations and payment assistance.

Bankruptcy attorney payments by credit and debit card

Our bankruptcy attorney payment processing allows law firms to process payments in numerous, easy-to-implement ways. Please read our bankruptcy debit and credit card processing page to learn more.

Site-builders, platforms, and software for debt collection agencies and bankruptcy attorneys

Below, you’ll see a short list of platforms and software that will work for your law firm or collection agency, whether you’re a large company or home-based. However, it’s not a complete list. If you’re looking for other alternatives or just a simple way to get paid that does not involve complex systems; please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

These platforms are all excellent choices for collecting payments. What makes these platforms stand out is that they are compatible with suitable software that allows for debit and credit card processing.

We will be able to pair you with payment gateway and processing solutions even if you use custom software for your website. All you need to do is contact us here. We look forward to helping you with a more cost-efficient and simple-to-manage payment processing solution.

platforms and software - software and platforms regardless of size, across nichesTechnology and debt payment options

There is a wealth of technology and software that can make life easier for any business, and it’s no different in the payment processing world. There’s no reason why it should be harder than necessary for you to collect debts using technology in different ways.

Process credit cards over the phone

We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with a tailored solution for accepting and processing debt payments online as well as over the phone.

By accepting payments over the phone, you’re accommodating those debtors who may prefer not to pay online. Providing multiple options is always better when it comes to payment processing. With the payment gateways we recommend, you can use either a physical or virtual terminal and enter the payment information the debtor provides.

Pay here buttons for platforms and software

If you specialize in bankruptcy law or collecting delinquent payments for a specific industry and need a suitable payment gateway, we can help. You’ll be able to create a website that is easy to manage, and easy to use for the customer.

With the right payment gateway, we can help set up both virtual terminals as well as pay here buttons for your website. This provides debtors with alternatives and lessens stress on their part. They can easily choose the method that suits them best. makes debt related payments simple and intuitive

At, we work diligently to find the software and platforms that work best for debt collection agencies and law firms, regardless of size, across a wide range of specialty niches.

Building a site on a suitable platform with the right software will make it possible for debtors to pay 24/7. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t collect over the phone. We provide virtual terminals that are easy to set up, where you and your staff can enter cardholder data in a simple, safe, and secure manner. Of course, this will also provide you with the reporting you need in order to manage your business successfully.

Do you need help collecting debt payments or attorney fees online or over the phone? Contact us today. We look forward to making payment processing simple, intuitive, and easy to manage.