Wix payment gateways for bankruptcy attorneys, collections, and credit repair

Wix debt collection - We make it easy to accept payments on Wix for debt collectorsOur goal is simple: to give you a better chance of success by providing easy-to-use, cost-effective credit card processing options for your collection agency or law firm.

At Accept Debt Payments, we understand the importance of having the right information at your fingertips. That’s why we’re here to guide you through choosing the best payment processing solutions for your business, ensuring seamless and effective credit and debit card acceptance.

We’ll provide expert insights into the platforms and software that align perfectly with your industry. Whether you’re in bankruptcy, debt collection, or credit repair, you’ve likely faced numerous challenges. Today, finding an easy-to-implement payment platform to launch or grow your practice is easier than ever.

With our expertise, we’ll help you set up your website on Wix and make it simple to accept credit card payments from clients or debtors.

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The importance of choosing the right platform for your debt industry or attorney website

It might seem obvious to some of you, but it’s essential to go over the basics now and again. We help many debt collection agencies, bankruptcy firms, and credit repair companies with their online processing issues. Very often, processing problems stem from inadvertently breaching the Terms and Conditions of the various software and platforms agency owners use.

At AcceptDebtPayments.com, we specialize in hassle-free payment processing solutions designed for ease of setup and simplicity of use. Whether you need to handle online payments, payments on behalf of others, emailed payment forms, or even in-person transactions, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team has deep expertise in various platforms, including Wix.

Being high-risk impacts what processing and software you can use

While there are many reasons why different business types are classified as high-risk, the consequences remain largely the same. For one, payment solutions like PayPal and Stripe become generally limited, if not entirely unavailable, to bankruptcy attorneys and collection agencies. Secondly, a large number of site builders and platforms become inaccessible. This is a consequence of “the prohibited business list(s)” that most site builders have- also known as “acceptable use policies.”

Unfortunately, the same goes for merchant services. As a high-risk business, your law firm or debt collection agency will not have the same freedom and wealth of options when it comes to merchant service providers. This is because you need payment processing services that specialize in high-risk payments.

At AcceptDebtPayments.com, we have the expertise you need in high-risk payment processing. We’re intimately familiar with the platforms and software that suit debt collection agencies. Additionally, we provide expert advice to bankruptcy attorneys looking to process debit and credit card payments easily – without any technical expertise required.  If you need to start accepting credit card or debit payments for your agency, please contact us today by clicking Start near the bottom of this page. We’re happy to talk through your options and provide a free quote.

Why Wix is a fit for many debt collection agencies and law firms

Wix debt collection - we ensure you have the right payment gatewayFrom our experience, Wix is a decent choice for debt collection agencies, consultants, and law firms. Wix makes high-risk credit card processing somewhat straightforward—at least when compared to other drag-and-drop builders.

The Wix site builder is very robust, and it’s generally a decent fit for high-risk sites when using the simple workarounds that we have learned over the years.

The Wix platform boasts many great features. At its core, it’s a template-based site builder that makes it simple for site owners to create great-looking, professional websites without coding expertise. This also allows you to avoid additional costs since you won’t need to hire a developer, for example. Wix also comes with plenty of plugin options you can use to expand on the functionalities and features of your site. This gives you the power to improve and maintain your account receivables.

Should you choose to use Wix for your company, law firm, or debt collection agency, we can integrate the payment gateway you need.

Choose AcceptDebtPayments.com for your Wix website

Are you planning on launching your law firm, credit consulting business, or collection agency on Wix? Then, we can help you process credit card payments. If you already have your Wix website up and running but would like to see if we can improve your payment processing, get in touch with us here.

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We look forward to offering payment processing that will enable you to grow and profit. Credit and debit card processing doesn’t need to be more expensive than necessary or challenging to manage.

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